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Have an obsession with Asian football? Have a rather unique interest in the South Korean game?

Well, K-League Analysis strives to satisfy that thirst and hunger you have for all things in the game and aims to bring you the very best in-depth content that is physically possible to produce.

Want to know why Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors continue to fly high? Looking to gain an understanding into how Suwon Samsung Bluewings play? Maybe just want to know more about FC Seoul?

Our analytical-driven articles will look to provide you with all the information you could possibly need to become an expert of all things K-League.

With our main goal to be educational and informative, K-League Analysis produces our articles with you in mind, bringing you all the technical aspects of tactics in an easy to read and understand format, with the aim to convert you into a lover of the complex side of things.

The website strives to be the number one place for everything to do with South Korean football, with all the latest news, views and opinions covered in-depth as well as the previously mentioned data-driven articles.

Match analysis reports are regularly produced to provide you with an understanding as to what you should expect from a side prior to a match, whilst we also then take a look after the game to give you the overview as to what actually happened from a tactical standpoint.

Player analysis is also regularly produced with in-depth scout reports showing what an individual offers his side and why the current tactics that are being deployed suit (or possibly hinder) his ability on the pitch.

Head coaches are also thrown into the spotlight with our articles, as our authors shine the light on them and critic what they are doing well, or not so well, and aim to provide you with a completely different outlook about their management style.

Interested in contributing to K-League Analysis with some of the highest analytical pieces that the league deserves? Then why not come and join us by applying to write for us and getting your opinions and views heard by our large audience of readers!

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