K League Correct Score betting


Outside of the Asian handicap, total goals, and 1×2 betting markets which regular readers will see on this and our sister sites in the Betting Preview sections; there is also a market for the more casual punter called the ‘correct score’ market.

The correct score market is easy to understand and can make watching games more fun, but it is not ideal for stable gains or reliability.

At the same time, if you are confident one team will win the game and confident that they will not concede a goal, there is perhaps some value and reason in betting 1-0 and 2-0 compared to betting that team heavily on the 1×2 Market to win a small amount.

Correct score betting is ideal for the smaller fun style punter, as it’s extremely difficult to predict a correct score compared to betting the under/over or Asian handicap, which *incorporates a batch of correct scores within one single bet.

For example, if 0-0, 1-0 and 2-0 either way and 1-1, all represent the Under 2.5 goals bet. If you are not sure it will be 0-0 but do not see more than one goal happening, then bet the under.

If you are confident it will be extremely tight and do not see where a goal is coming from, betting a small fun stake on 0-0 @ 11.0 could be justifiable compared to betting a big amount on under 2.5.

In my experience, i’d never bet a correct score such as 2-1, 1-1, or anything higher and expect to win. If I did this in the past, it’s something I’d call a fun bet.

To predict a 0-0 or 1-0 I find it easier to justify based on it being an extremely tight game with one goal enough to win.

If you feel it is likely that one team is likely to be one goal ahead and the losing team will chase the game and take risks late on, 2-0 is also a correct score which can be of benefit. I like this correct score in running when the leading team has speedy players which are clinical on breaks.

In short, do not focus on the correct score unless you know the sides well and can understand how the can will pan out. Smaller stakes betting is dangerous as you lose a little, but could lose it often if you are not betting the right way!

If you still want to bet on the exact score. Here are some things to consider.

For example, will the jolly sit on their lead when ahead or sit back? If they sit on their lead and you believe that they have a strong defence able to keep a clean sheet, bet the 1-0.

In my humble opinion, betting correct scores is not going to pay the mortgage, but will occasionally produce juicy profits.

It is most likely to produce nice gains when there is initial value in the 1×2 market, especially when betting on the underdog to win.

For example, if the ‘2’ to win on the 1×2 market is around 4.5 or higher, for them to win 0-2 or 0-3 one could find extremely high odds like 22 or above.

It is not reasonable to expect this to win, but one could have big chances to trade for a profit if the underdog leads 1-0 at any stage.

In short, bet on the correct score only when you see the serious value or have an edge, or else just throw your money out of the window!